About us



Providing INSIGHT through Simulation.

Simulation Ireland is a highly specialised Irish company providing businesses with a unique insight into their operations for over 20 years. We develop Simulation Models which have helped businesses save hundreds of millions of euro by helping them refine or re-design aspects of their business operation.
Established in 1994, Simulation Ireland has gained a reputation as the leader in workflow simulation modelling in Ireland, across its ever expanding client base.
Our Aim is to streamline your business.


Data Analysis : Our approach is to use data at its rawest and lowest level in order to ensure data integrity.

Customer Involvement : Models are built in conjunction with the customer to ensure model accuracy and customer-confidence in the working of the model.

Model Development :We use a rapid prototyping approach which involves building and testing, verifying in one step.



we do

CONSULTANCY – Pointing you in the right direction
TRAINING – Internal and open courses
MODEL DEVELOPMENT & SYSTEM DESIGN – Develop models and help you design your system
PACKAGE SELECTION – Help you choose a package to suit your requirements
SIMULATION GROUP – Set-up and support an internal simulation group
SUPPORT – Both onsite and e-support