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Manufacturing is the process of converting raw materials or components into finished goods that meet a customer’s set of requirements.

Manufacturing Challenges

  • To deliver the correct product at the required time, cost effectively
  • To schedule tasks and resources to optimize productivity
  • To streamline automation, storage and/or transport systems – AMHS
  • To balance lead time vs productivity
  • To respond to fluctuating demand
  • To build to order or build to stock
Design Clusters

Simulation in manufacturing is a model linking machines, queues and operators which simulates parts moving from machine to machine.

The model can imitate aspects such as: cycle times, setups, downtime, planned maintenance, dispatching rules, yield by step. Also planned orders, material handling and buffering areas are modelled. From a data perspective, times and yields can be averages, real or based on a statistical distribution, resembling the expected reality.

Simulation can deal with Complicated interactions

When to use Simulation?

  • When you cannot predict what the effects of a change will be or how a proposed line might work. There are too many factors
  • To further understand a line or factory
  • To test a new or proposed system before investing in equipment
  • To refine an existing process


From this the models can be used to evaluate the impact on Lead-time, Utilisation, WIP levels and units produced. Simulation is specifically effective in dealing with complex flows, interactions between resources, planning on constraint management. Models can be used for existing or proposed Layout/Systems

  • Optimised a transport system that increased output by 15% and revenue by 40 million per year
  • Assisted in increasing factory capacity by 25% through improvements to transport logic
  • Reduced lead time by 25%, in a manual environment by improved co-ordination between areas
  • Designed scheduling rules for specialised equipment, which increased output by 5%
  • Proved a proposed change will work – often a model is used just to test a proposed syste

Simulation Ireland provides a full design service.

  • Materials Handling
  • Plant Layout
  • Cell Design
  • Staffing Levels
  • Capacity Planning
  • Production Line Design

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Find out more
Do you have a simulation project you’d like to discuss?

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