Meet the Simulation Ireland Team

Feargal Timon

Feargal TimonFeargal Timon is the founder of Simulation Ireland. Having previously worked in NUIG and AMT Ireland for 5 years, Feargal saw the enormous business value of simulation modelling and set up simulation Ireland in 1994. Since then, Feargal has worked withblue chip companies such as Intel, HP, eircom, Hasbro, Guinness Ireland, Coca a Cola, Pepsi, Stryker, and Bausch and Lomb to help them realise real value for their businesses. He has developed expertise in Simulation Modelling not found in Europe in Field Force management > and model accuracy. Project should result in between 2% to 15% increase in output.

Dr. Paul Higgins

Paul HigginsPaul specialises in systems development, data analytics and enterprise planning. He has worked on numerous enterprise planning and development projects for clients in the Life Science, Food & Beverage, Engineering, and Service sectors. His experience provides insightful analysis of the operations of our clients so that the best results can be achieved.



John McIntyre

John McIntyreJohn McIntyre is a Management & IT Consultant focussing on Business & IT strategy alignment to maximise the business opportunity of Information Technologies. Having seen the value of simulation modelling first hand as a former customer of Simulation Ireland, John has direct experience of the enormous value our services can be to a business which is considering a change in its operation.

Dr. Attracta Brennan

AttractaDr. Attracta Brennan has worked with Simulation Ireland for seven years. For her PHD she developed designed user interfaces that adapted to how individuals learn or comprehend data. Her main area of expertise in the company are model animations, databases interactions and brings a level of lateral thinking to all projects.